Katy Cawkwell, Storyteller Based in Devon

Tales from a Roman Dinner Party


It's AD80 and we are at a dinner party at a villa in the countryside outside Rome.

The host issues a challenge to his guests to entertain the others with a story, with a prize for the best.

The guests and stories are as follows:

1. The great-grandson of Athenodorus tells a ghost story (source: Pliny)

2. The younger Pliny tells the story of his uncle's death in the eruption of Vesuvius (source: Pliny)

3. Suetonius Paulinus, the retired governor of Britain, tells the story of the Boudican revolt (sources: Tacitus, Cassius Dio)

4. Plutarch tells the legend of Romulus and Remus and the founding of Rome (source: Plutarch, Livy)

The performance lasts an hour. Not suitable for under 10s.