Katy Cawkwell, Storyteller Based in Devon


“Katy’s storytelling style is fluent, eloquent, flowing and altogether faultless... she captivates the audience with beautiful, well voiced characters and understated, but incredibly effective, mannerisms... joyous, visceral and visual.”
Adrian Johnson, Arts Council England, reviewing a performance at the Barbican

"The audience were gripped, not only by the quality of the programme, but by the clear, varied and sensitive style of performing"
London storyclub

"She is an excellent performer with a very real ability to hold an audience with the power of her tale"
Loosewig Theatre

"...one of the most thrilling and promising of a new wave of younger storytellers"

I have been working as a professional storyteller since 1996 in venues across the UK and Europe, including a national tour of performances of The Kingdom of the Heart , in collaboration with cellist Sarah Llewellyn-Jones, produced by Adverse Camber and supported by Arts Council England funding.

I create contemporary solo performances for adult audiences, based on traditional source material. My shows have appeared three times at the Barbican Pit Theatre and Beyond the Border International Storytelling Festival in Wales. In 2008, I was one of four storytellers shortlisted for the Arts Foundation Storytelling Fellowship; this led to another performance at the Barbican and a spot on BBC Radio 3’s The Verb.

I also perform and lead storytelling workshops in educational and corporate settings. I have worked in a wide range of schools, government organisations, businesses and museums, including Royal Opera House Adult Education, English National Opera, The Barbican, The British Museum and The National Gallery.

I have learned a great deal over the years from leading British storytellers and have particularly benefitted from courses with Hugh Lupton and Ben Haggarty. I have also been hugely inspired by Complicite's open workshops and gained vocal strength and range from working with voice coach Cathleen McCarron.

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