Katy Cawkwell, Storyteller                    Exeter, UK


Dragon Tales

Created for a school in Exeter, this set of stories includes the "Muckle Meester Stoor Worm", a rollicking dragon-slaying adventure from Orkney, followed by the Chinese tale of how a fortune-bringing, water-bearing dragon came into being and ending with a little local legend, to bring it all closer to home.


Useful links with Chinese New Year: Katy can expand this aspect if wanted, with stories of other significant Chinese animals.


For older listeners (Y4 plus), Katy also tells the legend of the great dragon Fafnir and the hero Sigurd, that inspired Tolkien and Wagner.  She recently performed this to 300 pupils in Y7 in a Devon secondary school where they had been reading one of the "How to Train Your Dragon" books.  The students were seemed totally gripped by the story and asked some wonderful questions at the end.


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