Katy Cawkwell, Storyteller                                   Exeter, UK





Katy has 20 years experience in telling tales and leading workshops with children of all ages.  She has worked extensively in schools, museums and other educational settings and has been involved in Creative Partnerships projects in Thurrock and Slough.  She is currently based in Exeter, Devon.


She has a large repertoire of material from around the world and would be delighted to discuss tailoring a programme to suit your needs.  Click on the boxes below for some ideas.  


She can also offer storytelling workshops.  

"The students at QE sat spellbound by Katy's vivid storytelling for the entire hour, completely absorbed at the tale that unfolded before them"

Click here for recent write-up of work with Y7 at QE School in Crediton.


"Katy is a gifted and charismatic performer and put a great deal of effort into tailoring her storytelling to meet the particular needs of the project."

Education Manager,

Handel House Museum


"Katy has a treasure chest full of stories into which she dips with great skill, weaving a narrative spell to hold her audience entranced and entertained. We hope she will pay a return visit soon."

Librarian, secondary school


"The children in all three classes were highly delighted with your storytelling and taking part in the sessions."

Headmaster, primary school


"Katy kept all the children enthralled and they are keen for her to come back next year"

Headteacher, primary school  

Magical Bag of Tales (EYFS

& KS1)

Wonderful wondertales

for all ages

Dragon Tales (KS1/2)





The Story of the Mayflower (KS2/3)

Shakespeare's Tempest retold (Y6+)

Tales of the Trojan War (KS2/3)

Perseus & Medusa (Y6+)

Chinese Stories (KS1/2)

Maths through Story (EYFS/