Katy Cawkwell, Storyteller Based in Devon

Perseus and Medusa

Perseus and Medusa

The king must die… but what if he refuses to accept his fate? The fallen woman must be punished… but what if she turns her punishment into power? And just how well do you know this familiar story? A new take on an old tale with more than a nod to Robert Graves! As our hero leaps glittering into the sky, we’ll make a leap into our own shadowy mythic past...

Initially developed for the National Gallery in 2012, dormant for while and now growing to full told-on-the-tongue strength for story-loving adult audiences!

Schools version also available for Y7 and above.

"Her performance was outstanding. She took everyone along with her; you could have heard a pin drop! "
"Made my day!"
Adult audience members, National Gallery