Katy Cawkwell, Storyteller Based in Devon

The Boy and his Horse

In collaboration with Sarah Llewellyn-Jones (cello).

An inspiring, theatrical performance of storytelling and music, based on a Czech wondertale. A wise and beautiful black mare helps a Prince on a magical quest.
They travel across land and sea, searching for a secret cure. Will the Kings of the Red, Green and White Islands help? And can they overcome the greatest challenge of all, on their return home? Suitable for age 7+ years.

Story originally developed for the British Museum, now greatly enhanced with Sarah's intuitive improvisation on the cello, drawing on her wide classical repertoire.

We offer a follow-up workshop with interactive exercises that cover
- structuring a story
- verbal description and imaginative use of sound
- experimenting with rhythm, repetition and delivery

The performance and workshop would provide a wonderful starting point for a term's in-depth work on narrative, description and rhythm. There is material here to inspire art, drama, music and written follow-up work.

Click here to see the schools trailer on youtube