Katy Cawkwell, Storyteller                                   Exeter, UK

If you'd like to develop your own skills as a storyteller, Katy offers one-to-one tuition or group workshops.  She is a warm, encouraging teacher and draws on her twenty years experience of working as a storyteller to help you find your own style and way of telling stories.


After running three successful small group, six session courses in East Devon, Katy will start another one when there is sufficient demand.  There is an ongoing monthly Tuesday morning group running, suitable for those with some experience.  Workshops take place at Katy's house near Whimple, East Devon EX5.  


The six session course is suitable for complete beginners, but also very valuable for storytellers with some experience who want to develop their skills.   Within the group, there is opportunity for individual feedback and focus on particular aspects of storytelling relevant to the participants.  Maximum 8 participants (but likely smaller than this)


Katy tailors the work to the participants, but covers: choosing your material, story structure, "seeing the story", character and landscape, beginnings and endings, pace and timing, basic voice and movement.


Workshops: £25 per session, pay as you go. Please email katycawkwell@gmail.com or phone 0776 246 9059 for more details or to reserve your place.  


Katy works mainly with traditional stories, but if you're interested in using storytelling in other ways or working on presentation skills, much of what she teaches will be relevant; please get in touch to discuss what you would like to get out of the work.




Storytelling Workshops for Adults

"I was hugely inspired, encouraged and enthused from the session we had, so thank you again." feedback from a 1:1 storytelling lesson


"Katy is a brilliant workshop leader.  She is warm, generous and accessible whilst also being thorough and reliable.  She clearly puts a lot of thought into preparing really useful sessions which she runs with great skill.  She is always focused, covers the ground, and she always finishes on time, but you never feel ruled by her session plans or by the clock.   Feedback is an integral part of the sessions which she gives with great warmth, encouragement and honesty and always in a way that contributes to your growth as a participant.  You really feel that Katy is totally there for your learning and takes obvious delight is your progress, enjoying something in everyone’s contributions.  Her commitment to traditional storytelling, her obvious love of the genre, and her skill as a story teller, shine out of every pore.  I can’t recommend her courses highly enough to anyone who wants to explore their potential as a story teller or to develop and build on existing experience."

Elaine on the six session course